Struggling to implement a healthy habit?

bowl of vegetable salads
woman in white bikini bottom kneeling on green grass field during sunset
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6-Week Healthy Habit/Self-Care
Small Group Workshop
for Autoimmune Patients

  • Eat more inflammation-fighting fruits and veggies? Sure, it’s a simple idea, but hard to do when you have a busy schedule and no energy.
  • Reduce sugar? But it can be so addicting, and sugar is EVERYWHERE.
  • Move my body more? Many of us would love to, but that energy crash that follows can be like a wet blanket on any enthusiasm we may have had.
  • Manage stress? Sheesh, living with an autoimmune disorder is a huge stressor itself, not to mention all the stress from living a “regular” life. It can be hard to feel peaceful when life can take so many unexpected turns.

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